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A Letter from AJ Shepard

You are probably aware that Uptown Properties provides professional real estate services such as Property Management and Brokerage services. We wanted to let you know that is not all that we do. We started out by investing in rental properties and generating passive income. The management of these investments became a full time job after a while and we were able to open our doors as a business to manage rental properties for other people. We firmly believe that owning real estate is the greatest way to protect your future and build wealth.

The reason that I am sending you this email is that we are now starting to syndicate real estate. Syndication in general is pooling money from investors to buy larger, more profitable, and more stable projects.

By participating in a syndication you get all the benefits of owning real estate, tax deferment through depreciation, steady income distributions, appreciation, and leveraged loan paydown. The added benefits of syndication is that you have professionals that have been in the business on your team and managing the asset. Professional tax documents are prepared for you every year with quarterly updates on the investment.

Let's schedule a call or meeting to talk about the particulars and answer any questions that you might have. We are looking forward to working with you on our next project!

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