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Should I Work with a Realtor?

Uptown Properties - Friday, June 21, 2019

Should I Work With a REALTOR?

Before we get started, I am going to say that I am a REALTOR in the state of Oregon and have an active Oregon Real Estate License.

Should I work with a REALTOR?

My answer is going to be “yes” every time I get asked, but here is why:

  1. A REALTOR has experience buying and selling real estate.

    •  Buying or selling a home is usually a big decision to make, and REALTORS commit to a Code of Ethics that ensure the best service for our clients. 

    • The more times someone practices a skill, the better they get. A doctor does a residency so they can serve their patients to the best of their abilities. Now I am not comparing a REALTOR to a doctor, but if you get hurt, you are very likely to seek out an expert’s opinion on your injury. Same goes for investing a large amount of money into real estate. If you are planning on buying a property I am sure you want to know that you are making a good decision before you sign on the dotted line. 

    • Negotiation is a huge part of buying or selling a home. Constantly negotiating real estate deals helps me provide peace of mind to my clients because they know I have experienced the negotiation cycle many times. This gives my clients confidence that they are getting the most out of their real estate purchase or sale. Usually, they are focused on packing, coordinating a move, getting their kids on board with moving houses, talking to the schools in the area, starting/ finding a new job,  etc. Moving is stressful enough already, working with a REALTOR is one way to minimize headaches.

  2. A REALTOR knows the CURRENT real estate market.

    • A good REALTOR always has a grasp on the current real estate market. Understanding how aggressive a seller can be with a new list price or submitting an offer for a buyer is one of the big reasons working with a REALTOR is such a benefit. 

    • Whether the market is strong or soft a good REALTOR will be able to use current strategies to help their clients achieve their real estate goals. 

  3. Use your REALTOR as a resource!

    • Working with a knowledgable REALTOR will ease a lot of the stress that commonly accompanies buying or selling a house. Having someone to answer questions that you have, help you find your new house, or even let you vent about how much you have going on in your life right now are all reasons working with a REALTOR is a great choice!

    • Remember, multiple minds working together are better than one working alone. Especially when you are buying or selling a house, investment property, or commercial property. 

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