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Home Ownership Pathway Program

Uptown Properties - Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Uptown Properties team believes in the value of homeownership. We understand that purchasing a home in the Portland metro area can seem very intimidating. With an average sale price of $453,600 it can seem impossible to purchase your first home. 

Have no fear though! With over 6,500 active listings there are many more affordable homes on the market. Uptown Properties started our Home Ownership Pathway Program (HOPP) because we want to help people become homeowners. Although it can be difficult to find the right home that properly aligns with your 

One of the first steps that you will need to take is to partner with a great lender and work on getting prequalified. This will help you understand what your buying power is and if you are ready to start your home search right now. After consulting with your lender you may need to work on repairing your credit, increasing your savings for a down payment, or if you need to wait until you have more provable income. We work with a great lender that would be happy to help with getting you on the right track to homeownership. We do encourage anyone interested in buying a home to become very familiar with their credit score and their finances. 

Please follow this link to read some of the ways to increase your credit score:

We also offer all of our tenants a significant incentive to purchase a home as part of our Home Ownership Pathway Program. If you purchase a home through one of Uptown’s three brokers we will pay your lease break fee! We understand that it is very difficult to time the home purchase correctly where you are not stuck paying both rent and a mortgage. So we will take that worry away by allowing you to find the right home without focusing on lining up your home purchase with the end of your lease. 

Most people start looking for a home a few months, before their lease is up. If you happen to find the perfect house you can feel free to put in an offer at any point during your search. 

A few months ago we had prospective tenants that expressed an interest in purchasing a home in the near future. They chose to rent from us because they knew about our Home Ownership Pathway Program. About one month after they moved into our rental I started showing them homes. The first offer we submitted was accepted and shortly after they closed on the home of their dreams! They only had a one week overlap so they could move everything into their new home and clean up. 

If you are not one of our tenants but you are interested in our Home Ownership Pathway Program please let us know! We want to talk to you more about how our HOPP program can benefit you. 

Please contact our Buyer’s agent, Jacob Wathen, with questions about our HOPP program.

Jacob Wathen