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Uptown Properties - Thursday, April 25, 2019

Which Investment Strategy is Right for YOU?

Do you leverage yourself thin and acquire as many properties as possible? Do you save up, pay all cash for properties, and avoid bank financing in order to obtain higher cash flow and security? Or should you flip properties for quick cash, or should you buy the biggest mobile home park you can find on LoopNet?

The answer is it depends. It depends on so much more than a cap rate or a cash-on-cash return. It depends on you as an investor!

The point I really want to hit home with this article is the fact that investing is different for everyone. Nobody has a perfect solution for you.

You analyze the risk and you determine the courses of action that are best for your mission. Don’t let overly opinionated investors bully you into one school of thought because they are too arrogant to see outside of their box.

Find a strategy that works for you—one that keeps you enjoying real estate and keeps you motivated. Try new things, have some fun, and explore other tactics. But always remember that you are the commander of your own mission for financial freedom."

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